Bespoke furniture

In the article below you will find 5 reasons why bespoke furniture is better than the off-the-shelf furniture. There are benefits for both options but since the furniture will be in your home for at least 10 years and you will have to see it every day, we would recommend to go with the bespoke option and create the perfect fit for your space.

1) Fitted to perfection

One of the primary benefits of bespoke furniture is that it fits everywhere. We know that most rooms are not conventional. Meaning sloping ceilings, corners, tricky corners just to name a few. But, fitted furniture is made to adapt to the problems and fit the precise dimensions of the available space, which, is very useful.

2) Individuality

Bespoke furniture, made to measure, fitted furniture is all that defines us. With fitted furniture, you decide the design, style, colours, materials and finishings for your furniture to make it your own. You will have an abundance of options to create your won style throughout your house from warm, rustic and homely kitchens to bedrooms which radiate sophistication and class.

3) Design

Bespoke furniture is the most versatile storage solution. It is designed only with your needs in mind so, whatever you require, let de designer now so he can adjust the project. You can have any layout for your fitted furniture. Maybe you need multiple rail heights or shoe racks or maybe shelving, a lot of drawers or even a jewellery organiser and more. That is what fitted furniture is an organised space for all your belongings.

4) Superior quality

Only the best quality materials will be used and the master fitters will measure and carefully craft the pieces of wood that will become your furniture. We only use high end and high tech machines with German precision to cut our materials. Also, every fitting that we use is German made and of the highest spec. The difference and what should give you the confidence is the guarantee we offer for all our products.

5) Value

Bespoke furniture is not only stylish and practical, but it can even add value to your home. You should really look at fitted furniture as an investment in the long run. When it comes the time to sell your house, the furniture will add value to it. Buyers will see that your house has fitted furniture and it will make it even more attractive and appreciate its usefulness.