These terms and conditions shall apply to between Sunny Bedroom and Kitchen and the customers. No variation of the terms & conditions shall be valid except so far expressly agreed in writing by the authorized officer of the company. By signing the contract or making the part payment of deposit, the customers are binding to company’s terms & conditions.

Quotation: The price quoted by the company to the customers shall be valid for the period of 30 days. If after expiration of that period, no order from customer is received, the company reserves the right to increase the price in its absolute discretion, as it thinks fit. Any omission and changes to the drawing must be notified within 24hr of the order. The company reserves the right to make the changes in the specification of the goods which are required to confirm with any applicable statutory or E.C. requirements.

Termination:  The goods ordered under this agreement to meet the customers’ particular requirements, the customer has no right to terminate the agreement, except it is authorised in written format by the company. When any cancellation takes place after the deposit is made, the company reserves the right to obtain its admin and material costs.

Terms of payments: Payment of the total price shall be made to the company prior to installation or be completed finance company documents. The company shall be entitled to invoice the customer for the price at any time after the company has notified the customer that the goods are ready for the collection or the company has tendered delivery of the goods.  Payments may be made either by cheque in favour of Sunny Bedrooms and Kitchen, credit card or cash. 30% deposit payment is compulsory to be taken place before the job to be carried out; the payment will cover material cost and goods that have been already delivered to the site. If the payment is not taken place, the company is authorised to stop the job and bring all goods back to the warehouse and also the invoice will not be provided. A completion Payment is required on a final day of job, the customer or concerned person shall be present on site. In the event of customer’s absence on site, the company still deserves full payment. In this circumstances the payment should be taken place within 7 days, this can be resulted as in extra 7% interest for labour and warranty shall be invalid. Sunny bedrooms & kitchen has set up making payment stages such as:  50% of deposit must be taken place for the jobs of £1500, 40% payment is required on the day when the jobs is carried out, the last final 10% of payment must be taken place on the completion day. Goods shall not pass to the client until the company has been paid in full for the contract sum.Payments shall not be withheld as results of items such as mirror or the mirror defects which are considered insufficient reasons for with-holding payment. If payment does not take place as detailed interest shall be payable for 18% per annum until fully paid or 8% above the bank base rate which even shall be the greatest. All extra work will be paid for separately & cannot effect payment of the main bill. Once the payment has taken place (deposit, first payment, second payment, third payment and completion) is strictly non-refundable for cancellation.

Risk & Property: Risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall pass to the customer.In the case of goods to be delivered at the company’s premises, at the time when the company notifies the consumer that the goods are available for collection or in the case of goods to be delivered otherwise then the company’s premises the time of the delivery or if the customer wrongfully fails to take delivery of the goods the time when company has tendered delivery of the goods.

Value added tax: Value of tax will be charged at the rate subsisting on the date of the invoice.

Installation: The installation of goods at the total discretion of the company the company cannot guarantee that an individual room will be completed at any one time. The company will ensure that all the necessary action is taken to avoid damage to decor & other items that may be left in the property, & cannot accept any liabilities thereof. Customers are advised to decorate after fitting has taken place. Only fillers are scribed to walls & ceilings, panels are scribed over skirting & picture rails. A filler piece is scribed down end panels and round bridging cupboards if required. This minimizes damage to the furniture so that can be relocated with the minimum of replacement material. The board cuttings will be taken place inside installing room except the boards cannot cut down inside the rooms, only then can be taken out from the room. The customer will be responsible for ensuring that they inform company about their particular requirement of sizes otherwise the standard sizes will be installed by the company. The company will charge extra cost if the customer has a particular size demand or in the case of changes during the progression of job. Our staff will be worn safety shoes and jackets in order to keep themselves safe, the customers will be responsible themselves in order to avoid the hazards. The Company will not be able to provide any changes to meet the customers’ new requirement during the progression of job, the changes can be made approximately after 4 weeks of job completion and the extra charges will be applied.  The company will apply additional 15% charges for filler flush finishing, also the customer will be responsible for informing the company about any plumbing pipes or electrical wiring.

Material: The company reserve the right to substitute materials of equivalent value only natural wood grained veneers are used to obtain our wood grain finishes. Only front of doors are veneered. All carcases are 18mm thick M.F.C with minor chipping. The company will not promise for 100% carcass without chipping, the filler will be used for chipping.  The company has its own standard sizes for wardrobes and units (wardrobes depth 600mm with door) (Wall unit 340mm) (kitchen base 590mm) (Dresser 450 mm Study table 550 to 600 mm) . (wardrobes – 580mm +20mm) If any particular depth is required by the customer, this would need to be mentioned on the agreement. (Standard depth for doors 580 mm + 20mm, overall sliding door depth 600mm and 660mm) The sizes can be altered by production team if needed, in certain circumstances the sizes cannot be produced in a particular way accordingly customer’s anticipations.

Liability: Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the company’s negligence, the company shall not be liable to the customer by recent of any representation (unless fraudulent), or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law or under the expressed  terms of the contract, for any indirect, special or consequential lost or damage (weather for lost our profit otherwise), costs, expenses, or other claims for compensation whatsoever (weather caused by the or negligence of the company, its employees or agents or otherwise) which arrives out of or in connection with the supply of the goods or their use or resale by the customer, the retire liability of the company under or in connection with the contract shall not exceed the price of the goods, except as expressly provided on the conditions.

Fire regulation: The customer shall be responsible for showing that the installations of the goods comply with fire regulation and that all necessary consents have been obtained.

General: Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the under these conditions shall be in writing addressed to that other party at its head office. No waiver by the company in case of any breach of the contract by the customer shall be considered as waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision. If any provisions of these conditions are held by any competent authority to be invalid or enforceable in whole or in part the validity of the provisions of these conditions & the remainder of the provisions questions shall not be affected. Any dispute arising under or in connection with these agreement or (in default) nominator on the application of either party by the president time being of the appropriate trade organisation in existence at the time.

Customers are responsible for all removals and disposal of old furniture and belongings before Sunny Bedrooms & Kitchen Ltd arrives for fitting to be carried out.

A rude and abusive behaviour cannot be tolerated towards our staff and this can be resulted into serious and legal consequences.

The pictures that have been taken on the completion day; the company has a right to upload them on the social media.

Customers will be responsible for arranging parking for the workers, finding parking will waste the time of workers.

Damages: Identical materials to be provided by customers i.e. Paint/Wallpaper or any decorative materials may relate in the like Affair. We will only patch the damages which unintentionally damaged whilst project operational in your property.