The difference between hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes is that the sliding wardrobes tend to be installed on walls, making them more stable. Because of this reason the sliding wardrobes are considered to be more like a feature because they cannot be moved and because sliding doors also save a lot of space in the room. No doors to open in the front of the unit. Considering all of the facts mentioned above plus a few more, we would like to tell you why we consider the sliding doors to be more efficient and giving you a lot more space in the wardrobe and in the room.

Benefits :
Creativity and flexibility are the best words to describe a sliding wardrobe. You can customize your wardrobe to suit your needs. Maybe you require something contemporary or maybe something modern. You cannot go wrong with sliding doors. It does not matter if you need more interior for hanging clothes or maybe you need more drawers and shelves. Sliding wardrobes are the perfect solution.
The fitted sliding wardrobes are the best compromise between a small room, a loft area and a lot of interior space for clothes, shoes, jewellery and more. To open up a small room, even more, we would recommend a sliding door wardrobe with full mirrors in the front. And maybe the best thing about sliding wardrobes is again the lack of doors to open. Basically, if you have a small room and you already have a desk and a bed, using a hinged door for your clothes will reduce the space even more and maybe you will not even have enough to open the doors because of the bed. So, once again, sliding doors to the rescue.

Installation :

It is very important that when you decide to get into the fitted sliding wardrobes market you should ask the help of professionals. Meaning a designer can take exact measurements of your space and angles if it is an odd job. A professional fitter should also do the installation flawlessly regardless of how hard the job would be. In conclusion, you should never disregard the opinion of the professionals. It’s their job to be there and to help you with anything that you need. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask them.