In this article, we will talk about how you can transform your home with fitted furniture which will give you more space and a modern look.

Fitted furniture will make the most of the space you have in your home and is ideal for awkward corners, such as alcoves, eaves and rooms too small for standard fittings. Hence the name made to measure furniture.

Being bespoke, the furniture can adapt to your own specifications. Maybe you need 180-degree opening doors, maybe you need pull-out trouser rails, maybe a specific drawer for jewellery and watches.

In short, if you can dream it we can build it for you.

Why choose a specialist design?
There are a lot of specialist companies on the market that can create anything from wardrobes and home office suppliers who fit modular pieces to your specification to truly bespoke companies, and this is reflected in the price. A personal recommendation would be the best answer for you. Friends and family will only recommend if they are happy with the end result. But, in the absence of that, don’t be afraid to search online, read the reviews, go into showrooms, ask the staff all you want to know. They are there to help you and guide you. Find out whether the furniture is made in the company’s own workshops or assembled from components, as this will affect design flexibility. Ask if the company has its own fitters, excluding the middleman in case of any issues.

Truly bespoke fitted furniture

You can ask to visit the factory and the manufacturing process. A company that has nothing to hide will be more than happy to give you a tour around the facility. A bespoke company can design furniture in any size and shape. When the designer comes to your home see how well he does. If he finds it easy or not to work with corners and alcoves. Because the hardest part of any bespoke furniture is the design.

Solutions for your home
When the designer comes to your home consider him as an old friend. If he knows more about you and your needs he can design the furniture better. For example, maybe you need more shirt space, maybe a pull-down rail. Or even in the kitchen. Maybe you would like to have your children help you so then, the designer can adapt the kitchen. Ask a lot of questions. The more information you have, the more information the designer has, the end result would be much much better. If the designer doesn’t tell you, he/she should ask about discounts, guarantee, anything to make you feel you made the right decision.
What we would recommend is: If you don’t like the look of the designer, if you feel you don’t connect with the designer maybe it would be better to try another company.

Approving a design
When you are happy with the final sketch the designer made he/she will show you samples of colours and different materials that you can choose from. Maybe you have some colours in mind but do not forget to ask the designer also. Based on the room, colours that are already in the room and other factors he might recommend you something different that will look better. In the end, it is your decision. You should receive the final 3D renderings within the next couple of days. If everything is as you wanted and you agree, you will maybe have to pay a percent usually 30% to 50% of the total price. But ask, maybe this can be renegotiated. Also, do not forget to ask about the lead time and book in a time frame for your new bespoke furniture to be installed.

Commission a professional

The other way would be to go with your own team that you assemble. Maybe you can do the design or maybe hire a designer. There are many independent designers that offer one-off designs that you can use. A carpenter can work on the measurements and can make the furniture. But, before you commit to that ask to see a portfolio for both designer and carpenter to get an idea first of how they work. If you are happy with what you see, the price, lead time, etc., go ahead and make your dreams come true.

Creating a brief

Maybe you have seen a wardrobe that you like in a magazine, maybe at a friends house. Ask for a picture, the colour and material sample or ID. So, when the designer comes he can adapt to the materials you have provided. But, also do not forget, research or ask the designer. There are different types of wood. Solid wood, veneered, MDF, MFC, etc. Ask so you know what to expect.

Agreeing terms

Make sure that you are absolutely clear about payment terms. When you pay the deposit if there is any payment to be made when they start the fitting process at your house if it is going to be for several days, what is the final payment, etc? Do NOT ever pay in full before they start work. Only when they finish and you are happy with the end result, that’s when you make the final payment. Make sure you get all the payment details, together with the schedule, in writing.