Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to between Sunny Bedroom and Kitchen and the customers.  No variation of the terms & conditions shall be valid except so far expressly agreed in writing by the authorized officer of the company. By signing the contract or making the part payment of deposit, the customers are binding to company’s terms & conditions. Continue reading

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Fitted Wardrobes experts in London | Sunny BK

Everyone knows the importance of furniture in living a comfortable, luxurious and happy life. Fitted wardrobes are designed and built perfectly and accordingly for your requirements in your very own bedroom, kitchen, study room or living room. Are you looking for top-class fitted wardrobes and furniture in your budget? Then you are one click away from Sunny Bedrooms and Kitchens. Do get in touch with us and you will get an instant reply.
We are here in London to offer you bespoke wardrobes according to your space tastes and requirements. Our services are exclusively available for UK residents. No matter how bold you want to go, how large or small your space is or what is your preference, we are ready to serve you.
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How to choose the right fitted furniture

Clear your bedroom of clutter with the following tips on how to choose the fitted furniture for your home.

As with any other planning, list what you need to store in your bedroom and working out how much hanging- and drawer-space you require.

If you are starting from scratch, the best option would be fitted furniture or if that is not possible by any reason, the next option would be free-standing designs, or why not a combination of the two. If there are already cupboards in place, a new paint finish and updated interior fittings will help improve the look. Additional items like a bed-end chest or a multi-drawer cabinet can also provide the extra storage you need. Continue reading

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Warranty Information

Your wardrobes have been built to survive the day to day demands and expectations. Sunny bedrooms & kitchens offer you a long- term assurance on every product we sell.

This guarantee ensures that your wardrobes will remain structurally sound and safe to use while storing clothes and other accessories. This guarantee is valid for domestic use only and covers the following items: carcasses, hinges, drawers, plinths, legs, laminated worktops and granite worktops. These are subjected to the terms & conditions below.

For your peace of mind, we provide 7 years warranty with carcasses, hinges, drawers, plinths and legs. Moreover, laminated worktops, granite worktops, Acrylic and Luxe acrylic’s warranty shall be valid for five years, except MDF doors for which we offer only for four years warranty. Other products such as: lights (only covered defects, broken lights shall not be accepted), soft close runner and soft close sliding doors shall be entitled for six months’ guarantee. The warranty shall only apply to the original buyer to who we installed the wardrobes. This Guarantee is personal to you and is non- transferable. The guarantee shall not apply to empty property, this will take into account that the person is living in the property.

Damages due to abuse, misuse, neglect, infestation or accident, including broken glass is excluded from the terms of this warranty. Uneven temperature in the property will allow this warranty to be declined. Any attempt to modify or, in any way, change the home delivered wardrobes units and accessories beyond our original specification will render this guarantee void. The customer must have the original invoice as proof when making the claim otherwise the claim will be dismissed. Cleaning the wardrobes and worktops with incorrect methods and products shall not be applied to this warranty. Damage due to water leakage from the ceiling shall not apply to this warranty, our production team will have a right to go into the matter to examine the claim is reasonable. If any defect discovered in the sliding doors due to excessive force when opening and closing the doors, the warranty will be void

The company shall not be responsible for fading stains on the worktop that are occurred due to spillage. Sunny BK will contentedly accept the claim, if it is reasonable and realistic. A proper care and use is essential to preserve your right to claim therefore we always recommend customers to follow the instructions provided by us, particularly in terms of gloss and high sheen furniture. Any small item replacement such as: handles, hanging rail, electrical lights, bulbs, mirrors and glass shall not be included in the warranty. All consumables required to replace faulty parts will be charged for following include, but are not limited to, screws, filler, brackets, etc.

A prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade the natural colour, a minimum heat temperature in the room must be around 10° celsius, not less than 10° celsius and maximum temperature must be around 40° celsius, not more than 40° celsius. Movement of wardrobe infill or worktop caused by natural movement of the house’s structure for installations over thirty days old will not be covered in the warranty. Damages due to spotlights in front of wardrobes shall not be acceptable therefore the customers will be responsible for ensuring that the wardrobe doors are not left open as the spotlight heat will damage the door due to the small distance.

All appliances (mechanism hanging, door handles, leather seats, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine and hob) warranty will not be covered by Sunny BK if any fault detected. We shall not take the responsibility, if any appliance is broken in the packaging. The warranty excludes and shall not apply in respect of:

  • Loss of use of products or consequential losses of any nature
  • Normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration or weathering of external surfaces, scratching denting, bruising, chipping or discolouration of painted or treated surfaces.
  • Any non-domestic use of the products.
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Sliding Wardrobes Can Transform Your Bedroom

The difference between hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes is that the sliding wardrobes tend to be installed on walls, making them more stable. Because of this reason the sliding wardrobes are considered to be more like a feature because they cannot be moved and because sliding doors also save a lot of space in the room. No doors to open in the front of the unit. Considering all of the facts mentioned above plus a few more, we would like to tell you why we consider the sliding doors to be more efficient and giving you a lot more space in the wardrobe and in the room. Continue reading

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