Bespoke Wardrobes – Things to know about Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

First of all, what is a wardrobe? Many people may not exactly be familiar with this word. When we say in the laymen language, a wardrobe is a closet that stores clothes. Bureau, shelf or a place to keep clothes, for many people across the globe. Though a shelf is actually a completely different piece of furniture and wardrobe or armoire would most accurately describe ‘a closet for storing clothes’.
That clears our doubt about the word ‘wardrobe’, but what exactly is the meaning of the word ‘bespoke’? It refers to ‘that which is adapted for a particular use or purpose’. Put both words together and we get a closet that is specifically designed to match all our needs; Bespoke Wardrobes which is also known as Fitted or Custom Wardrobe/Furniture.


White luxe Gloss Bedroom Wardrobes by sunny bedrooms and kitchens limited

White Luxe Gloss Bedroom Wardrobes by sunny bedrooms and kitchens limited



Why we need a wardrobe

So why should we dedicate an entire article to wardrobes? I mean, all we do is just store clothes in a wardrobe; end of story. But where is the sense of enjoyment in purchasing the traditional, economical armoires? Is it even possible to find enjoyment in wardrobes? That’s where a man decided to do one better. He developed bespoke wardrobes. Are you not bored with the dullness emanating from your economical wardrobes? Why not go custom? bespoke wardrobes helps you to bring beauty to your home. Because these wardrobes are fully customised to your requirement. It offers more storage space for your clothes. You can have wide range of shapes, colors, and utilities which are all suited to match you needs. Bespoke wardrobe is tailor-made and customised to fit all your needs.
Bespoke wardrobes offer you the chance to actually design your own wardrobe (as long as they are limited to the laws of physics and the set-budget).


Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes by Sunny Bedrooms and kitchens limited

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes by Sunny Bedrooms and kitchens limited


How to get a customised wardrobe

Once upon a time, Fitted wardrobes were a dream to many. It was believed that only kings and the upper-class of society were privileged of owning custom wardrobes. Now anyone can own it. A large number of businesses offer such services at affordable rates. It’s the new fad which helps the people to show some creativity. Not many go for Free-standing wardrobe anymore.


Steps involved in getting your own customised wardrobe:


1. Contact a legitimate business that offers the services of designing and fitting Bespoke wardrobes.
2. The business sends in people to your home who offer a free design visit.
3. During the visit, they do some sample drawings based on your demands and requirements.
4. They discuss the cost involved in developing the ‘bespoke’ Bespoke wardrobes, inclusive of the cost of the customer’s choice of materials and colors for the wardrobes, as well as service charge (which is exclusive).
5. Materials and colors are purchased.
6. They set to work.
7. The custom-made wardrobes are fitted into your home.
8. Lo, behold! C’est fine! You have got yourself a unique, tailor-made, specialized wardrobe.
Benefits of getting yourself a Fitted/Bespoke Wardrobe:
• Unlike free-standing wardrobes, Bespoke wardrobes blend into your room, offering you an open or spacious look and radiance.
• The Bespoke wardrobe is customised to suit the customer’s needs regarding shape, storage space and size.
• It offers a wider scope for functionality than free-standing wardrobes.
• It increases resale-value of your house in case you plan to sell it.
• You can choose the budget unlike in economical wardrobes which come with a fixed prize.
• It is much more long-lasting than free-standing wardrobes.
• It can be customised to fit your lifestyle.
• Unlike free-standing wardrobes, Bespoke wardrobes can be adjusted to fit in the dimensions of the room or space which they intend to occupy.
• They are more aesthetic and help alleviate your home’s beauty.
• They are much more interesting than economical wardrobes.
• They create a greater level of comfort than economical wardrobes.
• They make your home unique, one-of-a-kind and special.
• They garner greater admiration from guests and visitors too.
• They help to keep things organized, so no more misplacing or losing things.
• They help uplift one’s social status by creating a sophisticated appearance to one’s home.



Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe with bridge unit by Sunny Bedrooms and Kitchens limited

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe with bridge unit by Sunny Bedrooms and Kitchens limited

Functionality of the wardrobe

They can cover floor to ceiling, 2 or more walls like in the case of some Fitted bookshelves. It can cover walls without leaving any gaps. It can incorporate hidden doors or secret tunnels like in old palaces or movies. It can have hidden compartments for storing confidential things. It can incorporate sliding doors. Say no to the old, out-of-fashion hinged doors! It can hide alcoves or can be fitted to adjust in them like a shelf. It can be customised to store or hold different items ranging from shoes to discs to books to clothes to T.V and all other sorts of ornaments.
And the above discussed is just a small sample regarding the functionality of Bespoke wardrobe; a small scratched surface among a seamless ocean of possibilities. Imagination, the laws of physics and the budget is your only limit.


The importance of Bespoke Wardrobe in home

The home is the place where we spend most of our time in our lives. It’s really important that we manage it to fit our comfort needs. The home is a place where we can return to after a hard day of work. Everyone needs a home. It’s one of the few places that a person strong psychic link with. Unless you find yourself comfortable in that place, it can’t be called a home.
Bespoke wardrobes help custom-fit your needs of comfort to your home. You can be sure that it won’t disappoint you because, after-all, it is tailor-made based on your taste and specifications. Fitted wardrobes create a sense of peace, radiance, and positivity. It makes you feel refreshed. The reason Bespoke wardrobes are so special is that it connects with your physical, social and psychological needs.


Fitted Bedroom sliding wardrobes in white and glass by sunny bedrooms and kitchens limited

Fitted Bedroom Sliding Wardrobes in White Gloss by Sunny Bedrooms and Kitchens Limited


You could live your life like a common, unhappy and dissatisfied person; or you could live your life, the way you want to, with comfort, excitement, and satisfaction. You have the chance to create your comfort. So the next time you are thinking about wardrobes: THINK BESPOKE WARDROBE. On the bottom-line, it’s just cooler to own custom wardrobe.